VERDE Vintage

The story is about those for whom luxury and expensive appearance is a priority. VERDE Vintage system is developed on the basis of VERDE MIRA Retro and has a similar appearance and specifications. Its main difference is the set from the street, which is not made of aluminum, in MIRA Retro, but of copper, and thus it is artificial patina. Country house with such windows will look very expensive and not ordinary, which in turn will talk about the consistency and good taste of the owner. From the window the premises can be given a suitable form for the interior design. It is possible to put designer fittings and hinges, choose an individual painting. Such a window is not equal in exclusivity execution. Specifications: multilayer laminated board; installation depth 94 mm; bronze set from the outside; glazed windows up to 52 mm; the ability to install hidden fittings and child protection.


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