VERDE Thermo

Today, the desire to reduce energy consumption for heating buildings was transformed in the construction of energy efficient houses - Passive house. The features of energy efficiency of such buildings are the losses of heat energy per square meter (kW•h/m2) per year or during the heating season. VERDE Thermo system by its performance can be used in homes with energy efficiency orders below 10 kW•h/m2, which is an average of 100-120 kW•h/m2, even in modern homes. VERDE Thermo profile saves three times more customers money spent on the heating, because the windows occupy not a small area of the building. Specifications: multilayer laminated board; installation depth 127 mm; aluminum set with a thermal insert from the outside; glazed windows up to 52 mm; the ability to install hidden fittings and child protection. Designed for installation in homes with energy efficiency of classes A + and A ++.


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