The ultra-modern profile system has managed to combine all the greatness of modern wooden window and innovative technologies. From the premises AVANGARD profile looks like a system ALU 109, but from the outside the protection and the highlight is not the set of aluminum but a tinted glass, located on the leaf and on the frame in one plane. This profile system was jointly developed by the designers of the company VERDE art glassing with the participation of leading experts in energy saving buildings. The preferential use of the system was assumed in mullion-transom facade systems in order to maintain the overall appearance of glass facades. But the minds of the architects have allowed the unlimited use of the profile and completely ordinary at first glance, the architectural solutions. Specifications: multilayer laminated board; installation depth of 90 mm; coplanar glass set from the outside; glazed window up to 64 mm; high noise and heat insulation; the ability to install hidden fittings and child protection.


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